Terms Of Service


Company: Redicom Oy Business ID in Finland: 1829113-3 Address: Kutomotie 18 B, FI-00380 HELSINKI, FINLAND Phone: +358 (0)2 0712 0481 Data Protection Officer: Juha Männistö

Purpose of the registry

The register contains information specified below by user groups for the management of user privileges and for the transmission of messages. In addition, the register contains information about users uploading or receiving data from the service.

Personal information groups


Administrators are designated individuals who have rights to see the user information of other people in the same company and basic information about files and message they send or receive. The following personal information is collected from the main users:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone


Auditors are designated persons of the client company who have rights to see the specific logs of the files sent or received by persons belonging to the same company. The following personal data are collected from the auditors in the register:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone


Users are end users or partners of client company who have the ability to log on to the system and send or receive files. The following personal information is collected from users:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone

File Downloaders and Uploaders

Downloaderds and Uploaders of files are not registered to eParcel, they one receive files or demands to upload files from the actual users of the service. The following personal information is collected from the file uploaders:

  • Email

Personal data recipients

eParcel's Personal Data Register is not provided or licensed to third parties.

Transfers of data outside the EU

eParcel's Personal Data Register is not provided or licensed to third parties.

Retention time for personal data

Personal data is kept in the register until further notice. Data will be deleted if:

  • The Client Company terminates the service agreement
  • Redicom Oy terminates the service agreement
  • The user's employment relationship with the client company ends

The Client Company is obliged to inform Redicom Oy if the employee's contract ends.

Data protection rights related to the processing of personal data

Right to receive information on processing of personal data

You have the right to know the purposes and the ways in which your personal information is handled in eParcel.

Right to access data

You have the right to know if we are processing personal information about you. If we are dealing with, you are entitled to receive a copy of this information unless we have a legitimate reason to refuse the enforcement by the law.

Right to correct information

If your personal information on the eParcel system is incorrect, you can ask us to correct the information or, alternatively, correct them through the service interface.

The right to restrict the processing of data

If the information we are considering is incorrect, unlawfully processed, or has objected to processing, you can ask us to restrict the processing of their data.

In this case, we can only handle user data

  • with the consent of the user
  • if we need information as a result of the legal form being drafted, submitted or defended
  • in the general interest, or
  • to protect the rights of someone else

If we restrict the processing of data on the basis of a user request, we are obliged, as far as possible, to notify the restriction to anyone who has previously been disclosed.

Responses to handling personal data

If you so wish, you have rights to resist the processing of your personal data. The user can do so at any time based on a specific personal situation. In such cases, we will no longer be able to process the personal information of the user unless there is a substantial and well-founded reason for processing that overrides the interests, rights and freedoms of the user, or where the processing of data is necessary for the purpose of creating, presenting or defending the legal claim.

Providing personal information

The provision of personal data is based on the agreement between Redicom Oy and the Client Company. If a user refuses to provide personal data to Redicom Oy, he or she can not access the eParcel system.

Source of personal information

Personal information will be provided to Redicom Oy either on behalf of the client company or on the form filled in by the user.

Automated decision-making based on personal data

eParcel does not use user data as an automated decision-making tool.